The highest quality ondontological services are provided at the clinic. We apply cutting-edge and highly safe treatment methods, use certified and quality materials, modern diagnostic equipment. We offer an initial dentist’s consultation free of charge.

Teeth implantation

The best and modern method to restore lost teeth. During the process, a titan implant of the shape of the tooth root is screwed into the jaw on which tooth prosthesis is fixed.

Periodontal treatment

This is the treatment of tissues around the teeth. Diseases are caused by microorganisms replicating in tartar and plaque. Periodontal problems must be solved – our doctors will come to help.

Endodontal treatment

The main goal of the root canal treatment is to destroy microorganisms in the root canal system and to protect a tooth and the surrounding tissues from infection.

Aesthetic teeth filling

This is method of teeth restauration using modern composite materials. Teeth tissues are restored in such a way that their microstructure would be equivalent in their form, colour, transparency and surface to the natural tooth.

Teeth laminates – veneers

The fixing of thin china plates to the external tooth surface may be applied as an alternative to aesthetic filling. The front teeth are restored most often for aesthetic goals.

Professional oral hygiene

During the procedure, sticky, soft teeth calculus, formed plaque, surface external stains are eliminated, also surfaces of the teeth and fillings are polished. It is recommended to have it done at least once a year.

Digital X-ray diagnostics

In our clinic, we use the newest generation digital panoramic X-ray apparatus CARESTREAM 8100 3D. We make panoramic X-ray pictures and CT scans in a safe and quality manner.

Professional teeth whitening

This is one of the most popular procedures of aesthetic dentistry providing with a possibility to eliminate a changed or inacceptable colour of natural teeth.


This is a way to restore the missing teeth and their rows, lost biting and chewing functions. Teeth prostheses mean all products made by teeth technicians in the laboratory that are used by dentists for the restoration of damaged teeth and replacement of missing teeth.