Aesthetic teeth filling


estetinis-dantu-plombavimasThis is method of teeth restauration using modern composite materials. Teeth tissues are restored in such a way that their microstructure would be equivalent in their form, colour, transparency and surface to the natural tooth.

Aesthetic filling is a reproduction of the perfect form of the existing tooth with filling materials. Aesthetic filling is made not only in the cases when teeth are affected by caries, but also when they are chipped, deteriorated, are of irregular shape or position (malpositioned or unevenly positioneds). Aesthetic filling may be applied also for the treatment and beautification of both, front teeth and molars. Filling is performed by way of layering. A tooth is specially prepared and reproduced layer after layer with filling materials by imitating tissues, colour, relief and shine of the natural tooth. During one procedure of aesthetic filling it is possible not only to reproduce individual teeth, but also to beautify the whole smile; therefore you will see the desired changes right after the first visit.

Aesthetic filling is performed using top quality certified filling materials that are safe for your health. An aesthetic filling procedure is absolutely non-painful and does not cause any discomfort as the treated tooth and its environment are anaesthetised. After the procedure it is recommendable to make polishing of filled teeth on a regular basis.