Endodontal treatment


The main goal of the root canal treatment is to destroy microorganisms in the root canal system and to protect a tooth and the surrounding tissues from infection.

Root canal treatment is applied for treating an internal part of a tooth (root canals). Inside a tooth (under the tooth enamel and dentine layers) there is the soft part, called the pulp. It consists of blood vessels, nerves, the connective tissue. When inflammation or infection affects the pulp in the root canal, endodontal treatment is necessary.

An inflammation or infection in the root canal may rise due to different reasons: deep caries, upon emergence of tooth cracks or splits, after a trauma, etc. If the inflammation or infection remains untreated, toothache appears, sensitivity emerges, the gums may become swollen or the colour of teeth may change.

At the time of endodontal treatment, it is attempted to eliminate the inflammation or infection, therefore the inside of the root canal is thoroughly cleaned. After cleaning the canal, the tooth is filled, and the tooth crown is restored with restorative material or a cap. The treated tooth does not lose its function. Depending on the complexity of a situation, endodontal treatment may be performed at the time of one or several visits.