Professional oral hygiene


profesionali-burnos-higienaDuring the procedure, sticky, soft teeth calculus, formed plaque, surface external stains are eliminated, also surfaces of the teeth and fillings are polished. It is recommended to have it done at least once a year.

Professional oral hygiene is an integral part of dental care. This procedure gives your teeth a particular sense of cleanliness and most importantly – maintains health of the soft and hard tissues around the teeth.

Gingivitis and edge periodontitis – are inflammatory periodontal diseases that are most often of bacterial origin. Inflammation is caused by replicating microorganisms and products of their activity accumulating in the soft and hardened dental calculus. In the initial stages, an inflammation of the gums is observed that, if untreated, progresses and damages deeper tissues – dental ligaments and the bone.

You may notice symptoms of inflammation also by yourself – most often they include bleeding, swollen or painful gums, bad breath, purulence, tooth mobility.

During the professional oral hygiene, soft and hardened calculus accumulated on the teeth and under the gums, around prosthesis, implants, also pigment deposits are removed; polishing of teeth, also care of sensitive tooth areas are performed. After the procedure the patients are conveyed basic knowledge on personal oral hygiene, also necessary products reducing inflammation and intended for dental care at home are selected. Finally, the necessary follow-up treatment is determined, as well as the frequency of supportive prophylactic visits.