Professional teeth whitening


This is one of the most popular procedures of aesthetic dentistry providing with a possibility to eliminate a changed or inacceptable colour of natural teeth.

The results of unprofessional teeth whitening are indiscernible and short-term. We recommend a more effective teeth whitening method –teeth whitening by laser in an office.

In our clinic we may offer several teeth whitening methods: external and internal teeth whitening.

dantu-balinimas2External teeth whitening is the procedure during which the whitening material is applied externally on the tooth surface. During the procedure, high-concentration active substance is used that is activated with the help of laser light. For whitening, Biolase Epic X laser, of one the most progressive in laser dentistry is used in conjunction with special Laserwhite 20 gel what allows achieving the desired result of whitening in a fast, effective, and most importantly – safe way.

During the internal whitening of teeth, the active substance is applied into the inside of a tooth. This whitening method is most often applied for darkened, endodontically treated, traumatised teeth that have lost their vitality.

dantu-balinimas3A change in the teeth colour, the need for repeat procedures and the duration of effect are individual. Most often one whitening procedure is sufficient; however it may be necessary to have several séances to achieve the desired effect.

If necessary, to maintain the effect, supportive teeth whitening with mouth trays made be performed at home.

The condition and success of whitening and a guarantee of safety are healthy, asymptomatic teeth properly prepared for the procedure. Keep in mind that a thorough examination and the necessary treatment performed are the initial preparatory stages for the whitening of teeth.