Teeth laminates – veneers


dantu-laminates-venyraiThe fixing of thin china plates to the external tooth surface may be applied as an alternative to aesthetic filling. The front teeth are restored most often for aesthetic goals.

Laminates – are very thin china plates that are fixed by special cement to the front tooth surface. Teeth laminates are used to improve an aesthetic look of a tooth, for example, to correct the changed colour or form of a tooth, to close small spaces between teeth, to restore chipped or worn-down teeth.

Such type restorations may be 0.2-0.5 mm thick, therefore a tooth is polished minimally, and a great part of the tooth’s own tissues is preserved. For comparison: when restoring teeth with metal ceramics or Zirconium ceramic crowns, it is necessary to polish each tooth surface for approximately 1.5-2 mm.

When restoring teeth with laminates, the surrounding teeth are not damaged. The composition of laminates is very similar to that of the natural teeth enamel; therefore due to an especially smooth surface of restoration no calculus actually accumulates on it, nor changes the shine or colour thereof appear.

Patients frequently ask what the advantages of veneers are as compared with aesthetic filling. In the long-term perspective the filling starts to change its colour, becomes matt and no longer looks beautiful. Besides, it is very difficult to create natural transparency of the teeth by way of filling. Because of this reason, ceramic laminates are recommended for patients who want a long-term beautiful smile.

Advantages of laminates:

  1. They do not change the colour. The use of colouring beverages and foodstuffs does not have an effect on changes of colour.
  2. Dental tissues are polished minimally.
  3. They wear out similarly like a natural tooth issue and considerably less than fillings.
  4. They do not contract in the mouth due to thermal effect; therefore they do not start to deteriorate in the place of connection between the ceramics and the tooth.
  5. It is possible to straighten the front teeth row.
  6. They do not accumulate calculus what is especially characteristic of fillings. Bacteria contained in the calculus cause the appearance of caries.